Snow Shoeing

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Snow Shoeing

Guest Blog- Snow Shoeing From Morin Morzine


If you want to get out there and into the fresh air and away from it all but think that winter sports is the work of the Devil…  Think Again!  Snow shoeing is definitely the work of the Fayres. It’s truly magical.

With a fresh dump of snow overnight six of us set out for a great day– literally off the beaten track. Instead of speeding our way down the pistes, or avoiding those that do, we went into the woods with our guide. Guides are essential. Their knowledge of the flora and fauna of the mountains as well as the trails will give you a new perspective and keep you safe. They might even introduce you to Forest Bathing. Immersing you in the sights and sounds (or should I say silence) of the mountains. It is proved to lower your blood pressure and heart rate, boost your immune system and reduce stress hormones. What’s not to like?


Whatever time of day you choose you can learn about the different trees and animal tracks. Learn to understand the lie of the land and read the snow covering. Fresh Tracks first thing in the morning, forging your way up through the virgin snow; or a mid-morning trek to enjoy a picnic. Or even at the end of your day up onto a ridge to catch a magnificent sunset. The Alps all picked out in a rose gold wash, before trekking down to a warming Savoyard supper, before the last descent by the light of the moon.


At the end of your trail you have such a wonderful feeling of well-being it’s difficult to describe. You’ll want to bottle it and tuck it into your back pocket to enjoy all over again.


Morin Morzine (Sleeps 20)

This guest blog was written by one of our chalet hosts.

To find out more about the owner and the chalet follow the link here.


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