Spotlight on Vaujany, Alpe d’huez – Things to do when you need a break from the pistes!

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Blog / Guides / Spotlight on Vaujany, Alpe d’huez – Things to do when you need a break from the pistes!

Spotlight on Vaujany, Alpe d’huez – Things to do when you need a break from the pistes!

Vaujany is a superb village in the French Alps – linked to Alpe d’huez and just one hour from Grenoble it really does have an awful lot to offer for your winter ski holiday.

However, it’s not all about the skiing for some… fancy having an afternoon off? Whether it be to recover from an injury, give your body some TLC or because its tipping it down with snow outside… Vaujany – Alpe d’huez will keep you occupied! Perhaps you want to head out in the evening; have no fear!  Vaujany has lot’s to offer people other than fantastic mountain views and winter experiences. Our friends at SkiPeak have popped together a list of things you can do when you fancy doing something different!

Vaujany Village - Alpe d'huez

Vaujany Village – Alpe d’huez

Take advantage of the view and activities at L’Espace Loisirs (Sports and Leisure Complex) a facility that allows you to stay in shape and to recuperate. It is a great place to unwind after the day on the slopes and it will keep the kids (and adults) entertained until dinner! The terrace outside is a wonderful place to relax, enjoy the sun and work on your tan. Facilities include :

  • Bowling Vaujany has a relatively new bowling alley which can be found in the indoor ice skating complex at the bottom of the village. There are 4 alleys so make sure you ring up and book in advance! It’s a great way to unwind if you still have some energy after a full day on the slopes.
  • Ice rink Ice skating has always been a popular activity in Vaujany.  This facility hosts lots of events throughout the year such as ice hockey, curling and dancing, all for public use as well as professional matches where spectators can gain entrance for free!
  • Swimming Pool The pool offers two swimming lanes dedicated to swimming lengths which is perfect if you want to exercise and help those muscles and joints. There are diving plinths for those wanting to practice or just jump in. Toys such as hoops, balls and floating panels etc are available, on request.  A huge indoor slide will have to children and adults occupied for the duration and a shallow paddling pool with small slide will keep the toddlers and babies entertained.
  • Sauna, Jacuzzi and Spa Area Great for those aches and pains – sweat it out, relax with the bubbles and feel rejuvenated with a massage.  The perfect place to unwind and take care of yourself… after all, you deserve it.
  • Gym The gym has weights, rowing machines, benches and more. This is the time where you can workout without having to think of other jobs that need doing!  Not only that but the room looks out to the La Fare waterfall and piste.
  • Sports Hall Vaujany’s indoor sports hall is versatile and can be set up for basketball, football, badminton, tennis and climbing. It is however not just sport orientated. many comedy nights, gigs and general performances take place throughout the season.
Things to do in Vaujany - Alpe d'huez

Things to do in Vaujany – Alpe d’huez

  • Museums There are two museums in Vaujany and both equally as interesting enthralling as the other.  You may think we‘re telling porkies but they really are

Vaujany Fauna Museum – Wildlife and flowers found throughout the area

This showcases what it used to be like hunting for animals such as Chamois and boars and give you an understanding on what they eat and how they adapt in today’s world.  You’ll also learn to appreciate the wealth of wild flowers in the Oisans area

Memory Museum – 100 years of Vaujany’s history recounted by its inhabitants.

The exhibition provides an eye witness account of how Vaujany lived through and adapted to the different episodes of its history: population upheaval, war, economic reality and alteration of the landscape.

  • Market On Friday mornings in Vaujany, a simple (yet effective) market springs up in the town. It comprises of just one sausage stall and one cheese stall, but who needs quantity when you’ve got quality? If you and the owners have time, you could chat and practice your French for hours.  By the end of it you’ll know nearly everything there is to know about the local cheeses!
  • Walking There are some wonderful trails up by the Collet and all over the many meadows of Vaujany.  Some of the woodland trails are beautiful, especially after snow fall as every so often a clump will silently fall for the tree canopy. If you really want to explore this then we strongly recommend getting on board with Alaine Hillion who takes groups snow shoeing daily in search of wild animals and peacefulness.  Whether you’re a beginner or a regular hiker, he will adapt to your needs for an unforgettable experience.
Snowshoeing - Vaujany, Alpe d'huez

Snowshoeing – Vaujany, Alpe d’huez

  • Steifs Bar Resto Stiefs is the place to go for a casual game of pool and a delicious burger accompanied by a beer. If you like your beer and want to taste numerous deliciousness then this is the place for you.  The beer menu here will have you struggling to get through them all in a week but it has been done before! You can meet young seassonaires here and share a Genepi or two, Steif picks the flower in the summer and makes his own brew – it’s well worth it.  On occasion there is live music in the evenings as well which means that the place is buzzing.
Apres in Vaujany - Alpe d'huez

Apres in Vaujany – Alpe d’huez

  • Arsen’s Sports Bar If you’re a sporty type and need to watch your country playing the 6 nations or football team play in the champions league then head to Arsen’s and talk with the man himself.  He used to coach the French ice hockey team and wrestle with bears in Bulgaria (the last bit might not be true but he certainly is a character).
  • Affaires es Goutes Affaire de Goûts is an amazing deli selling all the local Savoie produce you could think of.  From charcuterie to sweets, fresh bread, sumptuous sandwiches, cheese (of course), meats, jams and genepi… no holiday to Vaujany is complete without stepping through Affaire de Goûts’ door, it’s quite the marvel. It’s the best place to stock up on treats and edible presents to take home, and if you can’t wait til then you can sample their many delights whilst sitting on the terrace looking down the valley.
Fantastic Deli - Vaujany, Alpe d'huez

Fantastic Deli – Vaujany, Alpe d’huez

  • Lunch spots If you aren’t skiing for the day but still want to head up the mountain to meet others in the group, there are a good number of Restaurants easily accessible from the Vaujany lifts, six to be exact. If you don’t head up then rest assured that Vaujany has a number of places you can grab a nice bite to eat such as Table de La Fare near the lift station, La Remise, Stiefs, to name a few.  Similarly if you have a car then why not venture to one of the neighbouring villages and resorts to try something new.

Don’t forget to check out our Vaujany – Alpe d’huez accommodation options on ChaletFinder or send us an email, call or chat to one of our holiday consultants and find the best place for your winter escape!

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