10 Reasons to spend your summer holiday in the mountains!

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10 Reasons to spend your summer holiday in the mountains!

It is the age of adventure!  Whilst there is certainly a lot to be said for relaxing on a sun lounger we strive for more excitement on our summer holiday than ever before!  We have become more adventurous with our destination choices and want to fill our holidays with new experiences.  The mountains have so many activities on offer yet it’s also the perfect place to kick back and relax so you really could say the mountains have it all!

We have popped together 10 great reasons to give the mountains a go this summer and when you have decided we are right, don’t forget to let us help you find the perfect pad!

Variety is the spice of life!  There is always something to do (or not if you so wish)!  Whether it’s festivals and bands, adventure playgrounds in the trees or long lingering lunches; from the little ones to the elderly there is no time to be bored if you take your summer holiday in the mountains!

Lots of Activities - ChaletFinder

Summer Activities – ChaletFinder

Get on your bike…  Biking is a huge part of mountain life in the summer.  Biking of every type is available with some of the best in the world!  You can downhill, road bike, mountain bike or even electric bike! See just how far you can go!

Mountain Biking in the Mountains - Summer Holiday

Mountain Biking VTT- ChaletFinder

It doesn’t have to be all go go go!  If you can drag yourself away from the sun lounger, there are a variety of relaxing activities to get involved in.  Golf, long lunches, looking around the markets and just taking in the scenery.  You can even find yoga classes outdoors which will probably be the most scenic yoga class you will ever take!

Yoga in the Mountains

Yoga in the Mountains – ChaletFinder

It’s blooming gorgeous!  The mountains are truly spectacular in the summer.  The views from your accommodation or surrounding the town are normally stunning.  With all the flowers in bloom it is really hard not to find yourself sitting and gazing at the scenery and just simply, taking it all in!  If you are keen to ‘forage’ there are also berries and mushrooms to be picked.  Make sure you use the pharmacies to let you know whether what you have picked is safe to eat!

Mountains in bloom!

Mountains in bloom! – ChaletFinder

Tan your hide!  Winter visitors to the mountains are quite surprised to hear we have glorious summers.  With shorts and flip flops being the uniform, suntans are most definitely achievable! Most mountain resorts will have a pool to relax around but if there is no pool there is always a balcony or stunning mountain lake!

Get wild in the water!  Talking of lakes, not only are they stunning but can offer an amazing setting for a wild swimming experience!  Skinny dip on a mountain hike or pack a picnic and visit the local lakes all set up for holiday makers to enjoy!

Mountain Lakes

Mountain Lakes – ChaletFinder

Affordable lodging!  Most accommodation providers will offer a self catered option in summer and that coupled with the prices already being reduced means there are plenty of affordable lodging options!  If you really do want someone to provide you with your meals then it’s really easy to find quality chefs to come in and tailor a menu for you and your family or friends!  Get in touch with us for more information!

Peace and Tranquility…  You might be used to visiting the mountains in the winter where you can be met with busy slopes, busy restaurants and queues!  Whilst there is certainly lots going on in the summer it is much quieter meaning popping our for dinner without booking or enjoying a tranquil afternoon without bumping into thousands of other people is actually a possibility!

Pet friendly breaks!  Give your furry friend the summer holiday they deserve!  If you have a pal of the canine variety then the mountains are the perfect place for them to spend their family holiday!  Endless walks and dog friendly accommodation along with them generally being allowed to accompany you to cafes and restaurants means they really will get to join in on all the fun!  Let us know if you need a pet friendly place to stay this summer!

Dogs are welcome!

Dogs are welcome! – ChaletFinder

1 Fantastic fresh air!  The mountain air has a fantastic ability to really rejuvenate you and give you a zest for life!  Spending the day outdoors surrounded by nature and stunning views gives you that pleasant glowing feeling and maybe a little smug smile!

A summer holiday to the mountains needn’t be expensive, in fact it’s a lot cheaper than in the summer with self catered properties being more of ‘the norm’.  If you feel like popping out to give it a try or if you are a summer alpine pro then get in touch with us and let us find you the perfect place to stay!

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