Top 10 tips for skiing on a budget

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Top 10 tips for skiing on a budget

We often get asked for money saving tips on arranging ski trips.  Whilst some resorts are cheaper than others, there are a few tips that we give regardless of which resort you choose.


Tip #1 – Plan ahead!

As operators are keen to get rooms filled asap, the best deals are available to those that plan ahead and book way in advance – you’ll also get the pick of the weeks.  As rooms start to fill, demand increases and so do costs!

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Tip #2 – Try a short break

If you’re new to skiing, or just need to get your annual fix, try a short ski break – these are often bookable over either a weekend or mid-week and are a good way of getting a cheaper trip.


Tip #3 – Consider Catered v Self-catered

There isn’t a hard and fast rule on whether self-catered is cheaper than catered.  It depends on the type of person you are!

Restaurants in resorts can be pricey and easily outprice the supplement you’ll pay for a catered chalet if you like your fine dining, but if you’re happy with a burger in the local bar or cooking for yourself at the end of the day, you could save with a self-catered chalet.


Tip #4 – Take packed lunches to the slopes

Take packed lunches on the slopes for the day – the restaurants on the slopes tend to take advantage of the fact that there isn’t more competition and charge accordingly.

Nobody wants to get caught carrying the rucksack, so try to pack sandwiches small enough to fit in a pocket – just don’t take anything too fragile!!


Tip #5 – Go shared

Unless there’s a large group of you travelling, a shared chalet will always be cheaper.  You’re not just sharing a chalet, you’re also sharing the costs for the operator which will give you a better price over sole occupancy.


Tip #6 – Try to book your lift passes through your chalet operator

The chalet operators have a lot more flexibility over the prices they can charge for lift passes, and sometimes even throw them into the package.  Once in resort, you’re paying the tourist office’s prices.  If you can’t book through your operator, try and book through the resort’s tourist office ahead of the season; there is usually pre-season pricing to take advantage of!


Tip #7 – Book your ski hire before arriving in resort

As with lift passes, you’ll be paying resort prices if you wait to book your ski hire in-resort.  Most operators will help you arrange ski hire, alternatively look around on the internet for affiliates or companies selling ski hire – they’re all usually selling it on behalf of the same shops anyway!

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Tip #8 – Travel in the low-season

There are always brilliant deals on accommodation and flights to be had for the first and last weeks of the season.  This year looks to be a good one for snow cover, with some resorts already seeing snow with more on the way, so you don’t have to just pick snow-sure resorts.  Towards the end of the season is a good time to get a last minute deal if you can see which resorts still have plenty of the white stuff!


Tip #9 – Share transfers

Book with a transfer operator that looks to fill their vans; this is much cheaper than hiring a private transfer.  Alternatively, if there’s over 4 of you, hiring a car may be cheaper – just don’t forget your snow chains!


Tip #10 – Ski Gear

Shop about for your ski gear; if you can plan ahead, look to buy it just after the last ski season has ended as retailers look to clear stock.  You can also look in some not so obvious places too for cheap ski gear that will last a trip (ALDI).  If you’re on a budget, definitely don’t wait until your in resort.

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