Skiing Stereotypes – Which One Are You?

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Blog / Advertiser News / Skiing Stereotypes – Which One Are You?

Skiing Stereotypes – Which One Are You?

Skiing Stereotypes – Which One Are You?

This guest blog is brought to you by Chalet Beau Soleil


All sports have stereotypes for their participants and skiing is no different. Working in the industry means you get to see and work with almost all of them! While none of them are completely true, like all stereotypes, you might recognise some of the traits below! We thought it would be fun to introduce our team here at Chalet Beau Soleil and their not so accurate ski stereotype!

Guest Blog - Skiing Stereotypes- Which One Are You?

Guest Blog- Skiing Stereotypes- Which One Are You?


We’ll start with Kathryn…

Your host and a typically modest mum of three who likes a good cup of tea in the morning and an equally as good a glass of Aperol Spritz/Ruby Leffe/ both at night. Or in the afternoon. Or at lunch!  You can spot her clean-turned skiing from the bottom of the lift and also the moon: she skis with great technique and her kit tends to match her pink highlighter! But don’t be fooled: she’s the best skier by far and an excellent skier by any account. Fast, competitive and caring– she’ll happily lead you down a black or red and wait for you in the queue for the next lift with an encouraging smile. Want to know where to ski in the Portes du Soleil? She’s the one to ask – a great knowledge of the entire area for every level. Attitude to skiing: any time, any excuse.  She lives to ski!


Next is Matt: Chef, minibus driver, committed dad and the heart of our operation. He played a bit of rugby for England at age group level, was brought up between Yorkshire and Saudi Arabia and is very tall. On the slopes he’s determined and appears to be fearless, but is actually a bit of a fairweather fairy. His height combined with skis, poles and reflective visor give the impression of an animated set of shiny chopsticks on the move, but he knows the area well and is happy to give anything a try. Purveyor of amazing steaks and amazing cakes, he’ll ensure you have calories to burn and can advise you on where best to burn them. Attitude to skiing: “not baaaaad.”


Then we have Ben. The man in charge of logistics. Father of 3, comfortable in French and a sports/ history fan. If you saw him in a bar you’d expect a RedBull film crew to be waiting to film his next descent. With the appearance of a hardcore boarder when kitted up, his whole image is nothing but a thoroughly cruel irony given that he’s the worst skier amongst us. Lacking confidence on narrow paths and scared of steep edges, he’s at best a rugby-player on skis! However he has a great knowledge of the area and various providers of ski lessons, equipment and kit. Attitude to skiing: serious; worth it for the stunning scenery.


Pete helps with all aspects of your trip and is a neat guitarist and lifelong NUFC fan. On skis he’s simply frightening to watch. A fearless approach with a hunger to go harder, faster, better.  You admire his efforts as much as you fear watching them. Attitude to skiing: “Banzaaaaaiiiii”


Skiing caters for all shapes, sizes, skill levels and attitudes.


Whether you spend your chair lift rides identifying the next bar to investigate or attempting to catch the first or the last lift with 50km + skied in between, there’s something for everybody in the Portes du Soleil.


If it’s about giving your children or family a life skill and experience or losing them in ski school while you get a guilt-free and active couples escape for a few mornings, that’s all good too.


Perhaps you’re a group of friends with a shared interest or colleagues looking for a fun and joint experience between business chat – whatever your plan we can help you set up the trip you want.


So come and add your own style and attitude to our local slopes. Everybody has a home here– the snowplough beginners with their bottoms out and faces focused in concentration, the intermediate lean-backers flying on the edge of control, the stuck-in-cement stiffies turning from their hips, the hippy-flickies bouncing along on a high, the irritatingly stylish 6 year olds cutting you up, the 84 year olds on long, thin and pointy skis with their feet bolted together, the long-haired boarders jumping off out-of-reach edges, the new found boarders turning only one way and bum-sliding, the button lift bounce-jumpers and their opposites, the face-planters, the one-run-all-day-in-the-bar folk and the energy-gel extreme all-dayers, the onesie ski jesters and the 90s shellsuiters, the Spider Gear with all or no idea and the Aldi allstars– skiing is about all of you: our wonderful, broad church looks forward to your 2023 return.


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