Avoid Scam holiday accommodation

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Avoid Scam holiday accommodation

10 Tips to avoid booking scam accommodation

We’ve all seen the news, as holidaymakers are being warned about con artists placing false adverts on accommodation websites to trick them out of hundreds of pounds.

The BBC reported that last year almost 5,000 holidaymakers became victims when booking accommodation and flights, 25% higher than the previous year.

Those who were tricked in to booking chalets lost on average £2,000 each.

It is so important to use a reputable website to book your chalets and avoid being scammed. ChaletFinder.co.uk has been a reliable source of chalets for holidaymakers since 1994. We only list chalets we would stay in ourselves and have built relationships with all our chalet owners that ensures your booking is as safe as houses.

Couple booking holiday on laptop, sat at table

Couple booking holiday on laptop, sat at table

One of the simplest steps to avoid scammers, is if the advertised accommodation price is highly discounted compared to any other prices listed online. It may sound obvious, but if the advertised price appears to good to be true, it usually is.

Which has put together the following advice for avoiding scammers and fake accommodation adverts.

Here are their top 10 tips:

1. Check how long the chalet has been advertised
2. Check reviews by other renters
3. Use maps.google.com to confirm the location
4. Speak to the owners on the phone
5. Check owners’ details on the internet
6. Use your judgment
7. Get a written contract before sending any money
8. Credit card payments are safest
9. Check the property carefully on arrival
10. Get any security deposit back upon leaving

Read the full Which article here.


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