The Perfect Day Skiing Courchevel and La Tania

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The Perfect Day Skiing Courchevel and La Tania

Guest blog by Ski Dazzle – The Perfect Day Skiing Courchevel and La Tania

The Perfect Day Skiing Courchevel and La Tania

If you’re coming to Courchevel or La Tania this season and want some insider tips then you’ve come to the right place. With many years spent skiing the slopes of Courchevel we’ve a few perfectly honed itineraries to make your break one to remember.  

Make the Most of Fresh Corduroy in La Tania 

First off, it’s worth checking where has been pisted and prioritise those runs first. There is a grooming report at most major lift stations, as well as online at S3V. The two runs down to La Tania – Folyeres and Plan Fontaine for example are cracking pistes when nicely groomed, but you likely only ski them home at the end of the day when they’re all cut up. So, if they’re freshly pisted and looking slick, it might be worth giving them a quick run, before heading up, up and away.  


Ski Wide Open Pistes in Courchevel (1850) 

Courchevel 1850 area has some nice wide open pistes, but can also get quite busy, so if you’re here on a busy week it’s worth avoiding key lift stations like Verdons and Chenus, and staying higher up. So, coming up from La Tania, take the bubble, then the Bouc Blanc chair and hang a right to take the blue run down to pick up the Biollay chair. 

From the top of Biollay, ski the cruisey blue of the same name back to the chair, before lapping it again, this time taking skiers left to ski Marquetty (so long as it’s been pisted) before taking the chair again. If you fancy skiing through the family park you can do another lap here to take that in. Then, from the top of Biollay, if you head right you can ski blue run Pralong which has a few fun but gentle rollers towards the end. 

If it’s a nice day and you fancy a drink in the sun, head down to the snack bar by the bottom of the Pralong chair where you can take a break in the picnic benches in the sun. 


Ski Through the Trees to Courchevel Village (1550) 

From there, there is a little-used run through the trees down to Courchevel Village (1550) called Cospilot. It snakes through the fancy chalets and takes a scenic route away from the crowds. You can then ski down to Village, and pick up the Tovets chair which will take you back to Courchevel. 

Ski down, staying left, to pick up the Plantrey chair, under which you might be lucky enough to watch the kids training skiing the gates, making it look effortless! From the top of the chair take a left and ski gentle red Loze, staying to the right so that you can take the boulevard half way down which will take you back to Biollay. From the top of the chair ski straight on to to ski Pralong-Suisses, down to the Suisses chair. This will then take you up to the top of Saulire where you can take in the views and grab a selfie or two.  

It’s likely getting to lunchtime now, which means the pistes should be quietening down. To make the most of this quiet time it’s worth taking a late lunch.  


Enjoy the Late Sun in Courchevel Moriond 

The pistes above Courchevel Moriond (1650) get the sun later in the day so it’s a great area to spend late afternoon. So, if you head straight on from the top of Suisses and take the boulevard in the direction of Méribel, you’ll find yourself at the top of Creux. Enjoy this popular and long blue run, skiing it’s length down to valley bottom before taking the Roc Mugnier chair. 

If you’re getting peckish and ready for lunch, the Bel Air, at the top of the Ariondaz bubble is a good choice. On sunny days their sun terrace is spectacular, with stunning views. Or, if it’s cold and snowy, enjoy the cozy interior beside the fire. We’d highly recommend their vin chaud! Or, if you’re on a budget, their snack bar is another great option.  

After lunch, if you still have some time left, enjoy the myriad of cruisey blues and gentle reds that run beneath the Signal chair (Grande Bosses, Gentianes and Ariondaz), as well as the fun reds lapable by the Chapelets chair (Chapelets, Bel Air and Rochers). Just make sure you leave enough time to make it back to La Tania. 


Head Back to La Tania, Stopping for a Drink at APRÈS ENROUTE 

From the top of Signal or Chapelets you can reach the Aiguille du Fruit bowl by the red Roc Mugnier, although the blue boulevard which is accessed to the left at the bottom of Gentianes is often a much nicer option. Either way, take the Aiguille du Fruit chair and turn right at the top, taking the blue down past the Altiport (airport). If you’re lucky, you might see someone land or take off. Keep heading down under the Pralong chair but stay high and to the left to pick up the Bellecote blue piste which will take you back to Courchevel.  

Here you have two options, depending on timing and your preference…. 

Option 1: Ski through Courchevel, under the bridge, stay left and ski past the Plantrey chair to your right, taking Brigues down to Courchevel Le Praz. Enjoy a vin chaud at the Peupliers hotel in this quaint village, before hopping on the bus back to La Tania. 

Option 2: Take the Plantrey chair, then ski down Bouc Blanc before taking the Dou de Lanches chair to the top of Col de la Loze and enjoy a tipple at 1928 restaurant while watching the sun drop, before skiing home to La Tania via Lanches (red) or Dou de Lanches (black) then Folyeres. 


About Ski Dazzle 

Our two stunning 14-person chalets in La Tania provide a perfect location for exploring the area and reconnecting with family or friends. Complete with a free gondola, a great selection of bars and restaurants and easy access to the wider Courchevel area, La Tania makes a great base for a summer break in the Alps. Contact us today to discuss availability in one of our self-catered properties and make this summer one to remember. 

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