Stay Safe and get ‘au fait’ with the Ski Way Code…

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Stay Safe and get ‘au fait’ with the Ski Way Code…

That’s right, just like the Highway Code, there is a Ski Way Code.  It makes sense really, when you think about the amount of people whizzing down the pistes every day during the winter months, Mountain Safety should be on every ones mind!

It’s just a few weeks away from the UK Half Term holidays which sees families heading out to the mountains to get their snow fix so let’s stay safe people and look out for one another!


We all have responsibility on the hill to behave in a way that does not endanger other people.  Be aware of everyone around you and keep your eyes peeled as to whats going on!  Give priority to the skier downhill of you and if you are overtaking or crossing the path of someone else, it’s down to you to make sure you don’t have a collision or cause them to fall.  This responsibility extends to your equipment, ensure your equipment is in good nick and is not likely to harm someone else.


Control Your Speed - Ski Way Code

Control Your Speed – Ski Way Code

Only ski or snowboard within the limits of your ability and be sure you can always stop safely.  You also need to take into account the terrain, weather and the kind of snow along with how busy the slope is.  Common sense should prevail when it comes to heading towards a lift line or other crowded area, put the breaks on and go slowly!


If you are behind someone else, take a look at what they are doing and pick your route carefully, give them space!  Be prepared to handle changing situations with other skiers and snowboarders and the mountain or even the piste conditions.  Always remember the skier or snowboarder in front has priority.


Whether overtaking a moving or stationery skier or snowboarder it’s the person overtaking that needs to ensure they leave enough space for others to make their moves!  Remember the person ahead of you has the right of way, always!  This rule also applies to the slower skier or snowboarder, they have the right of way!  Remember what it was like to learn and build your confidence?   Give others the same opportunity!!

Overtaking - Ski Way Code

Overtaking – Ski Way Code


You wouldn’t pull out of a junction in your car without looking first, it’s the same on the mountain!  Whether joining a piste or setting off from a stationery position, check up and down the piste to make sure there is space for you first!  Look after yourself as well as others!!


If you need to rest or wait for a friend, make sure you stop to the side of the piste in view of those coming behind you.  Don’t ever stop in the middle, on a blind corner or past the crest of a hill.  If you have had a fall, it’s important to move out of the way as quickly as possible.


Again, just like in your car, you need to respect the signs on the mountain.  They are there for your safety so heed the warnings and advice!

Respect for Signs and Markings - Ski Way Code

Respect for Signs and Markings – Ski Way Code


In the event of an accident, you are duty bound to assist!


Hopefully it won’t come to this but just like on the roads, hit and runs happen on the mountain.  Please understand accident procedures and be prepared to help. Witnesses must provide names and addresses.

Slow down when coming to a lift line - especially if it looks like this!

Slow down when coming to a lift line – especially if it looks like this!

So, now you know how to stay safe, if you have little ones, let them know all about it and let’s teach the Ski Way Code right from the start!

Have a happy day on the mountain and don’t forget, if you haven’t booked your winter holiday yet, get in touch with us.  If you book using our services you could also win a Go Pro!!!

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