ChaletFinder now integrates with Chalet Manager

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Blog / Advertiser News / ChaletFinder now integrates with Chalet Manager

ChaletFinder now integrates with Chalet Manager

ChaletFinder now integrates with Chalet Manager.

The integration allows ChaletFinder to pick up a feed of a property’s pricing and availability and display it on an advert – so you now only have to keep Chalet Manager updated with your pricing and availability!

Please note, the feed is updated once an hour.

How to setup the feed

  1. Login to Chalet Manager.
  2. Click on Account > Modules > ChaletFinder
  3. Select Yes for Active?
  4. Choose Yes/No for each of the options under Price columns to be sent to ChaletFinder
  5. Under Price Columns Display change each option from Please select… to whatever you want displayed for your column titles, then hit the Apply button at the bottom of the page.
  6. Make a note of your account name as you will need to input this shortly into the ChaletFinder advertiser portal.
  7. Chalet Manager 1

  8. In Chalet Manager go into Account > Chalets.  You will need to activate the feature on a property-by-property basis.  Click on each property and set ‘allow access for ChaletFinder’ to ‘Yes’.
  9. Log into the ChaletFinder Advertiser Portal using your usual login credentials.
  10. Click Availability Integrations in the left menu
  11. Enter your Chalet Manager account name and click Validate
  12. Use the drop downs to match up the properties on Chalet Finder with the properties you have set to be passed from Chalet Manager and click Update Availability.
  13. ChaletFinder 1

  14. You’re all done!

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